Available jp Domain Names

.com .us .ca .co.uk .net .info .biz .edu .org .name .me .tv .at .be .ch .cn .cz .de .dk .fr .it .in .nl .no .pt .ru .se .jp

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The following are some available .jp domain names using 'word' as a filter

This is a collection of available dot jp domain names from previous searches. You can filter through the available domains by entering a regular expression see Regular Expressions. Sometimes, somebody might register a domain name and it will still show up here as an available domain name, so click on the domain and it will check it again.

This page will show available domain names. To search, select one of the choices above and enter a key word or regular expression.

Some examples of regular expressions to show good lists of available domains

Search phrase/regular expression Explanation
^internet Show only available domain names starting with the word internet
cars$ Show only available domain names ending with the word cars
^[a-z]{5}$ Shows available domain names with only 5 letters (the ^ means start of line, the $ means end of line)
^[a-z0-9]{5}$ Show available domain names with 5 letters or numbers
^[a-z][a-z\-]{1,3}[a-z]$ Show available domain names starting with a letter, then 1 to 3 letters or hyphens, then another letter
^.{3,8}$ Show available domain names with 3 to 8 characters (the . means any single character
^[^aeiou][aeiou][^aeiou][aeiou][^aeiou]$ Consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant (5 letters only)

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