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Advanced Domain Name Search

Enter four words, letters, numbers or character lists to search for available domains.


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Enter letter/number/word   e.g. A or 1 or domainname
Any letter   Try each letter from A-Z
Any number   Try each number from 0-9
Any letter/number   Try all letters and all numbers
Character list   Try each of the letters
Similar word   Check against a thesaurus for alternatives
Randomised letter   The letter changes each time it is displayed

This advanced domain name search tool enables you to mix several of the above tools onto the same page. For each section, you can enter a word, letter, number, wildcard, letter list or choose a random letter.

There are many ways you can use this tool. For this example, let's say you are looking for a pseudoname for a blog. You want to call yourself Mister X and you want your domain to be named misterx.com. Unfortunately, this is taken. So you could try putting Mister in the first word and select any letter for the second word. Try the example here . Unfortunately, if you want a .com there are none available (at the time of writing) so you could try changing the letter to a number (try the example here) . This shows a couple of available .com domains (at the time of writing!).

For another example. Let's say I wanted the first word to be bravo and I wanted the second letter to be one of only AKQTXZ, I could enter these try entering these as a character list (try the example) .

For the next example I'm going to demonstrate the randomised letter. If you were to search for a random letter (or number), they would be shown in order (e.g. A, B, C, D etc). If you wanted a random letter thrown in, for example you are search for 4 letter domain names but didn't want to start at AAAA, you could select each field to be a random character (try the example). However, as you will see, this only shows one result (although you can refresh to show another result). This is because it is only one combination and is expanded at the last second. To get more results, you should change the last character to be any letter (try the example) .

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Advanced Domain Name Search

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