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Watching domains

Domains you would like to own if they become available


Watching domains

This page shows already taken domains that you would like to own. By watching the domains, you can see if they get renewed.

Then you can filter all your domains on

  • Domain Extension
  • Expires Date
  • Registrar
  • Grouping name

The grouping name allows you to enter a name or tag to group your domains, this might be for a project, a customer, or just a note to you.

Then your filter (or unfiltered) list can be exported with any of the buttons at the top:

  • Copy (to your buffer)
  • CSV (download CSV file)
  • Excel (download Excel file)
  • PDF (Create a PDF)
  • Print  (Print to printer)

View domain information

Click on the domain name to view detailed domain information such as Registrar, any sub domains, expiration and NS, MX and SOA settings

Change Grouping Name

 Select the group cell to popup a quick selector box.  Enter a new group name or select one already used on any of your other domains.  

The default group name is 'Default'

This page is not suitable for domains you already own, for that please see my-domains.php

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Watching domains

We hope the 'Watching domains' tool helps. If you have any suggestions, please contact us